I no longer contribute this game

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I no longer contribute this game

I have come to a point of which i dont think i will be playing this game

Im still unsure if i am just leaving the forums or game or both permanently or temporary

i've had several failed attempts at making addons:

And some sucessful addons:


Unreleased/private addons
Five-seven pistol
Passenger Plane (remake of V8 Airliner)

Other not mentioned:
Military Weapons Pack
Military Weapons Pack Beta

I realized that i suck at modeling, and that i suck at making things for this game.
I've had people judge me and say that i suck and i realize i do.

I try to provide good addons for people to use and to enjoy but then i have faggots who have to say bad things against it, i say for you to go fuck yourself. Go get a life because if all you do is go on these forums just to say bad shit against people and their work, your life must be useless and you must be worth nothing.

Anyways, if i do continue to provide addons, i will be adding a BLID blocking system that will block those who really piss me off. and i might as well put them into a file which blockland reads that wont be open able
by fags who are so butt hurt because i blocked them that want to remove their ID.

That or ill individually have people pm me and ill give it to them.
These forums have turned into an asshole that sucked up into itself and dragged in all the worthless fucks that joined it and proceeded with their general faggotry.

And my modification topics i make are to discuss current progress, not for me to show a picture of my model and for you to be a dick about it and say it sucks or its gay. If you think it is, just go and die you maggot. I provide such topics to show my current progress of what i am making.

Its MY addon, not yours. so dont tell me what to do.
if you dont like it, dont fucking say anything because no one wants to read your negative shit.
I work my ass off on some of these models, and you stupid cunts treat me like this? You are worthless, You are less than dirt to me. I work my ass off and this is how you repay me? I dont like people who do this.
If i was moderator or if i was forum admin i would permaban your ass because i dont tolorate this kind of behavior.

I've noticed new people join the game who dont know much, we've all been there. I remember being there.
You guys try to act cool by being fags to them. I mean, if that person decides to be a moron and proceed to calling names, spamming, or in general being an all-out faggot, then i think they deserve to be whored.
I remember going to a server and telling people not to bother me, i proceeded to build then people started bothering me. i was then trapped and insulted numerous times. I didnt like it one bit i'd be so happy to tell you.

When someone doesnt know something or doesnt know something this doesnt mean to call them a dumbass or retard because not everyone knows a lot about computers or much about the internet.

When are you stupid children going to grow up and notice all the shit you are causing. its people like you who give this game a bad reputation. This kind of shit causes negative behaviour, when this happens mostly everyone turns into a flaming faggot. Then we have people who post just to see themselves post.
People who post because they like typing stuff into the text area and pushing the post button to see who says something to their post. people like that need to shutdown their computer, open the front door of their house, and play outside. Post whoring is just another way of saying "hey guys im a faggot so uh just say something to me and ill be a dick to you ok thanks bye!". This is exactly how some of you are, and i think you contribute nothing to the forums except faggotry.
Its sickening and depressing. Making the forums a hell-hole isnt a good thing. you may like it or think it is but its because you are just fucking nothing. This is why a lot of good people leave the forums or even get banned. i remember Daniel Rogers Giratina, he was just fucking bothered until the point where he broke and wrote out shit storms of insults and GTFO's/STFU's in caps in 99pt size text. He was then banned because of the way people treated him. its pathetic.

I know a lot of people are going to read this and say "hey, the forums could be better without him" or "who the fuck was he? probably a nobody"
Im just somebody who happened to cross by an ad that said Blockland on it and happened to download and join the community. Im just a person who got fed up with the negative behavior and decided to quit because i dont like being in a negative environment.

for those of you who happen to cross by this forum on Google and happen to read this entire post up until this part and say "wow another kid with no life" or "lol look at this guy, sucks to be him. ill go tell my other whore friends on twitter and Facebook because i have nothing better to do with my life except say stupid things and say lol after them lol" Seriously, what are you doing reading this, go somewhere else. this isnt for you.

Until further notice, i will no longer be participating in contributing to the forums. i know someone is going to say "he sucked anyways, hope he never comes back" or "his stuff sucked anyways, never liked him or the crap he pumped out and released. Forums will live without him"
My stuff isnt "crap" or "gay" or whatever insult or word you want to replace it with, thats your opinion, and your opinion is valid to you and you only except those who agree with you.
Chances are i make stuff that turns out to be better than you. Just because you dont know how to make things doesnt mean you can call other peoples stuff crappy or shitty. That means you are a disrespectful prick and you are just causing problems. I remember being so depressed from people disrespecting me that i wanted to quit, but i continued to contribute. a person can only take so much of this before they just decide thats it and quit. I hope that the many of you people who find the link to this post from my profile on the forums read this and decide to change your behavior. I mean, joking around is ok, but some of you people really mean it. and you just start fights, then take it to drama, then fight more, then get banned.
Its a way off the forum, but its not a nice way off of it.

For those of you who agree 90% or higher with me, good job. I hope the forums clean up their act and get their shit together, otherwise a lot of good work is going to go to waste.

I'll see you people around. G'day.
Don't email me for any reason.
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Re: I no longer contribute this game

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Re: I no longer contribute this game

Also, Wow that was a speech in itself! Agreed, mostly because I get that shit alot too....

Oh my god. Wow.... you get flamed like shit! what fucking sad no life bitches.... I mean WOW. you actually make really good weapons, modeled or not... I mean really cool!! THE REASON YOU GET FLAMED IS BECAUSE  YOUR ADD ONS ARE GOOD AND THERE MAD THAT YOU CAN DO THAT!