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Big list o' commands!

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This is a big list of commands for the console in Blockland, And edited list of the one I have on my computer, I got this list from a topic on the BL forums, copy and pasted it and saved it in a .txt, then I add new commands as I go on.

Spy check! (look at the number in chat, then take that number and see if it matches with how amny players are in the player list)

MrCookie:  quit();  -quits Blockland.

  zoneark: crash();  -gives you an error message saying Blockland has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Captain Blue: deletedatablocks(); -deletes datablocks, very bad.

Kalphiter: dumpConsoleClasses();  dumpConsoleFunctions();  -Shows what the console does, causes massive console spam.
vehicleDB.maxWheelSpeed = x; -changes max wheel speed of vehicles

findClientByName("name").isAdmin = 1;  -Makes someone admin silently.

Froby: crouch();  - fixes crouch
jump();  - fixes jump
explodeclock();  -explodes the clock in Bedroom.

Regulith:Findclientbyname(name).player.mountobject(ObjectID,Nodenumber);                         -Mounts Object to player

  findClientByName("Name").player.setPlayerScale("# # #");  -changes size of a player/
   commandtoserver('ban',0,ID,Time,"Multiple Word Reason");  -bans someone

   serverConnection.chaseCam(delay); -makes camera lag behind you

   ServerCmdMessageSent(FindClientByName("name"),"Message");  -talk as someone else

   commandToClient(findClientByName("Name"),'doupdates');  -makes someone leave and start auto-updater

   localClientConnection.setCont rolObject(_vehiclespawnname.vehicle);  -lets you control a vehicle

   findclientbyname("name").player.changedatablock("datablock");  -change someone's datablock (ex. turn them into a horse)

   findclientbyname(Name).player.delete();  -deletes a player, all he can do is talk.

   Servercmdsuicide(findclientbyname("name"));  -kills someone

   ObjectID.dismount();   -unmounts something

   ObjectID.mountobject(ObjectD,0);  -mounts something to something else
   ObjectID.setPlayerScale.("# # #");  -changes object's size

Note: to get an object's ID, look at it and type /getID.

Xia the Ninja: announce(); (Chat message in yellow)  -makes some chat that everyone sees

getNonsense();  -crashes game

[weapon here]image.projectile = [projectile name here]projectile;    -makes a gun shoot something different (ex. Minigun shooting speed + Rocket launcher projectile = lag!)

Gamefandan: echo(Put what you want to echo here.); - When you press enter, it will say it in the console.

turnright(); - Makes you spin right.

turnleft(); - Makes you spin left.

commandtoserver('messagesent',"LOLOL YUR MESSAGE GOES HERE! :D"); - Congrats, you sent a chat message.

echo(mPow(7,9)); - Echos 7 to the power of nine.

echo(mSqrt(4)); - Echos the square root of 4.

echo(1+1); - Echos what 1+1 equals.

echo(1-1); - Echos what 1-1 equals.

echo(1*1); - Echos what 1x1 equals

serverConnection.chasecam(-1); -crashes Blockland

Maor: buildwall();  -Makes you build a wall

Tingalz: buildfloor2();  -makes you build a floor.
                      buildconfetti();  -makes you build confetti.
                      serverConnection.chasecam(<number>);   -makes the camers delay in following you.

Tokerovin:   chuckNorris();  -lets you put a brick inside another brick (i doubt this one somehow)

Plornt:  bottomprintall();
centerprintall();  -all are self-explanatory.

Chrono : while(true){}  -crashes your computer.
for(%admin=true;true;%adminlevel++){giveAdmin(%adminpassword);}  -crashes Blockland.

liliboarder32: function f(){schedule(100,0,F);scrolltools(-1);scrolltools(1);}

-Lets you fire weapons really fast

function f(){}

-To turn it off

%bg = findClientByName("enterNameHere").brickGroup; for(%i=0;%i<%bg.getCount();%i++){%bg.getObject(%i).setEmitter(burnEmitterA);}

-Sets all of a certain player's bricks' emitters to Fire A.

%bot = new aiPlayer(%name){datablock=playerStandardArmor; position=findClientByName("enterNameHere").player.getPosition();};

-Spawns a bot at a players position.

Cwitchy: clientcmdtimescale("Number Here");  - changes speed of your timescale
ObjectIDHere.setscale("# # #"); - Changes size of whatever the ID is.

Captian Crazy: Gunimage.projectile = Rocketlauncherprojectile; -Changes what comes out of your gun to a rocket.

Xerces: tree();  -opens up a simplified mission editor, but everything is numbers.

IceBlue:  findclientbyname(name).player.hidenode("node"); - Makes a player's body part disappear

Alphadin: changemap("[NAME]"); Changes the map
CrazyGoodDude: for(%i=0;%i<BrickGroup_4228.getCount();%i++) { BrickGroup_4228.getObject(%i).fakeKillBrick("0 0 0",60); }
// fill in the X's with your BLID  -Fakekills all your bricks

e(ADDON NAME HERE);transmitDataBlocks();

// Do it in the order I got it in!!
// This will force load an add-on you have in your folder, careful if a player does not have this add-on it will crash them from your game

Deep2:  flushnamespacecache();  -Flushes your namespace if you mess up a parent.
setDefaultFOV("# # #");  -Sets your default Field of  Vision.

setDefaultFOV("100 100 100");  -To change it back to default.

messageall('MsgAdminForce', "\c2PersonsName has become Super Admin (Auto)");  - Fake Admins someone.

superlolman: <ID>.delete();  -deletes the brick with that ID.

buildstairs(); -Builds stairs

Sonicfan574:  canvas.pushDialog(GUI_Name);  -opens a GUI.

Harm94: Jump(1); -Endless jumping

Evar678:  findclientbyname(NameHere).setcontrolobject(objectidhere);  -Makes you control whatever ID you put in.

Orthone: for(%i=0;%i <brickgroup_8038.getcount();%i++)brickgroup_6726.getobject(%i).setcolor(getrandom(0,30));

  -Change the red to your BL_ID. It changes all of your bricks to a random color from 0 - 30 in your paintset.

Xc: vehiclenamevehicle.forwardthr ust=99999; -makes a vehicle go fast foward
vehiclenamevehicle.backwardth rust= # ; (or reversethrust)
vehiclenamevehicle.yawforce= # ;
vehiclenamevehicle.rollforce= # ;
vehiclenamevehicle.pitchforce= # ; - all change stuff with a vehicle

Mr.Bob00: ObjectID.setShapeName("Name here"); - sets a vehicle's name

I will be updating this list alot, and if you decide you want it, copy&paste it.

Sign by Danasoft -

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Re: Big list o' commands!

Dr. Who
messageall('MsgAdminForce', "\c2PLAYERNAME has become Super Admin (Auto)"); - Give someone fake admin